Sunday, 30 September 2012

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HIJABISTA, majalah pertama dunia fesyen berhijab di Malaysia

'HIJABISTA' common to all women all around the world of course. this is the first magazine can teach and be pioneer for all muslimah to fulfill their self to be  muslimah.

These magazines provide information that is useful to all women all around the world.  Usually we will see a different types of magazines for all readers as cosmopolitan, Cleo, Wanita and many more but islamic magazine for the viewing of a Muslim woman is very rare. So "HIJABISTA"  published a selection of a Muslim woman to guide them in many ways such as user dressing, behavior and so on. Interesting about this magazine, Hijabista also provide convenience for users by providing online magazine subscription.
 So if you got not enough time to spend for buy this magazine, you can serve internet and simply buy from Another method to buy this magazine for a year you can get a form in that particular magazine itself. So every month you just need to wait hijabista coming to you house.  So what are you waiting for, you can start google google and look a little bit special about it. best of luck. ;)

Hijabista also provide some tutorial
that can teach people to wearing hijab with many style and unique..
many tips can be find out in hijabista such as recipe, tips to care you health, hygiene and so on. mix and match also a superb tips for all of you to know your capability in term of wear clothes, shoes and many more accessories.
   There is the example of content and info that provide by hijabista.

so until here i can share a bit more information about e-commerce. selamat mencuba..;) 

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